Don’t Touch My Hair

Don't Touch My Hair by @ambthegoddess First of all, I want to start off by paying homage to our goddess Solange. Her latest album, When I Get Home is breaking the internet, as it deserves I might add! I think it makes sense to shout her out during Women's History Month, because she is definitely … Continue reading Don’t Touch My Hair

Music That Heals

Music That Heals  by @ambthegoddess Anybody who knows personally me, knows I obsess over 90s love songs. RnB throwbacks make up a significant part of almost every playlist I have curated. The artist hits a note and BOOM I feel it in my soul. It's like every lyric reflects upon my own personal experience... in … Continue reading Music That Heals

Mindful Mommy

Mindful Mommy by @ambthegoddess "You cannot suffer the past or future because they do not exist. What you are suffering is your memory and your imagination." -Sadhguru At the age of seventeen, I was introduced to the life-changing concept of "mindfulness". I would have benefited even more if I discovered mindfulness sooner, but better late than … Continue reading Mindful Mommy