Luau Pool Party for One Year Old’s Birthday!

Luau Pool Party for One Year Old's Birthday! by @ambthegoddess Many parents do not believe in going big for a birthday party celebrating one year. The child will probably not remember when they are older, so why even waste the money? Well for me, this party was not just for my daughter's memories. This luau … Continue reading Luau Pool Party for One Year Old’s Birthday!

Why A Plant-Based Diet?

As an adolescent, I was taught dinner should normally be composed of 1) a meat, 2) a starch, and 3) a green vegetable. I was told to make sure I eat fruits and vegetables daily. I was allowed to have one glass of orange juice a day. Other than that, I drank good ole water … Continue reading Why A Plant-Based Diet?

Mindful Mommy

Mindful Mommy by @ambthegoddess "You cannot suffer the past or future because they do not exist. What you are suffering is your memory and your imagination." -Sadhguru At the age of seventeen, I was introduced to the life-changing concept of "mindfulness". I would have benefited even more if I discovered mindfulness sooner, but better late than … Continue reading Mindful Mommy